Many, many years ago, I used to search the internet with Altavista :) What a great search engine that was. I could find anything with it. Great relevant search results, plenty of sites to choose from. One day when surfing via Altavista, I've seen a webpage displaying a lot of search engines I didn't know about. I was curios, and I took a look. Among these search engines was also Google. I tried few of them and I wasn't impressed. Then I tried Google searches, and also I wasn't impressed at all. I went back to my beloved search engine Altavista. I kept on using Altavista, even when Google was well known. What happened ? One day Yahoo acquired Altavista, Altheweb and the rest. And what Yahoo did with them ? Nothing! All these fine search engines belong now to Yahoo, and are powered by Bing. Altavista reopened in 2012 after it was shut down in 2011. Now is powered by Bing, but still has its own logo.


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    January 2013